DynaQuest provides BPO and IT support, by recruiting the most skilled professionals, that fits the IT or technical specialization needed. For our partners, we have highly specialized IT professionals that cover diverse functions to support business operations, while offering a flexible and scalable recruitment process that can adapt to the client’s growth and increasing needs.


DynaQuest was among the first BPO companies to specialize in support of emerging technologies such as Blockhain and digital currencies. Being a Specialized BPO and IT-service provider, we can outfit clients with industry certified professionals that will support both business and IT operations. From recruitment, technical support, to help desk for Blockchain and digital currencies, we deliver solutions to support a customer’s growth and brand.



DynaQuest has over 20 years of experience providing niche IT Outsourcing & BPO services to businesses in the United States. DynaQuest has partnered and worked with enterprises by providing them with highly-proficient IT specialists, and multi-language capable professionals that will serve the client’s current and future needs.

Operating in the Philippines, DynaQuest can tap into a diverse talent pool of IT and BPO professionals for our specialized recruitment, as we continuously outfit businesses with the right people to support business growth.

DynaQuest also knows the importance of reaching out and helping others. As a part of the large Outsourcing Industry, we espouse the value of corporate social responsibility, and we have participated in numerous charitable works, and partnering with various organizations that shares our advocacy.



A C-level executive with over 35 years of experience in Financial Services, including 20 years with global enterprises, and over the past 6 years he has started several Philippine BPO companies, with a focus on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial and Health Care services. He has a proven track record in working with senior leadership teams to transform technology based services and operations and is a global expert in managing diverse international operations spanning the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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