Blockchain and Health Information Interoperability

Blockchain is a platform that is disruptive and transformative by nature of its core technologies: distributed ledgers, security by hashing and transparency in administration. With the new regulations being implemented to ensure interoperability of Electronic Health Records (EHR) in healthcare, can Blockchain be the defining framework in solving the decades long problem of EHR? If […]

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New Rules on Increasing Interoperability of EHR

Interoperability has been the elusive goal for healthcare’s Electronic Health Records (EHR). For three decades since the technology gained ground across exchange systems, the industry’s vast sectors have resulted into a landscape of sheer fragmentation where providers, record-keepers and organizations have shifted treated these set of records as a property for safekeeping. While the goal […]

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HIMS and Outsourcing 2019

Health Information management and its scope of application is a highly strategic product of mapping out processes and identification of precise information block for further processing. For the healthcare organization, the decision to outsource is more than just freeing up time and saving up on costly data entry tasks. Instead, these organizations are looking for […]


Blockchain and Humanitarian: Documenting the Invisible People

The disruptive nature of Blockchain is going beyond business and is at the forefront of reshaping humanitarian efforts by providing an essential platform to manage identities, streamline the traceable distribution of aid and enabling direct patronage to person transactions. When technology such as Blockchain is changing the world for the better, then we can see […]

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Importance of Research for Blockchain in Healthcare

The early success of Blockchain is because of the collective effort by groups of companies known as consortiums, which have since banded together in mutual research & development to propel Blockchain’s capabilities in real applications. These real applications are known as Use Cases where each successful use case demonstrates Blockchain’s capability to deliver enhanced information […]

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Variables Holding Back Enterprises on Enabling Blockchain

Blockchain features deep cryptography and irrevocable transactions as its main proponents for security. Like all architecture, the discovery of vulnerabilities is a step in the positive direction in order to further strengthen Blockchain’s security and overall reliability. One of the ongoing concerns over Blockchain’s architecture as a launch pad for covert attacks is its participating […]

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DynaQuest Successfully Hosted Medical and Dental Mission

DynaQuest and partners have successfully hosted a medical and dental mission for the benefit of children and their parents under the Humaniity Foundation. July 14, 2018 DynaQuest Technology Services inc. (DynaQuest) hosted a medical and dental mission lead by two doctors, two dentists and three registered nurses that will examine the current state of health […]


Blockchain in Insurance: Effects Moving Forward

Blockchain’s impact on the Insurance industry is at a stage where the possibilities of drastic reduction of inefficiencies and improve the expense ratios are budding at the doorstep. While at this stage, Blockchain can be seen as a massive overhaul of the insurance industry, but basing on the early use cases of consortiums, the impact […]


IOT and Blockchain’s Converged Economy on Car Safety

The convergence of platforms such as Blockchain and the Internet of Things presents a foreseeable future where transactions become autonomous and declutter manual processes such as billing and cashier lines, thereby making them a thing of the past. The Internet of Things (IoT) is built around the concept of wireless connectivity of machines and peripherals […]